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A Chinese company announces graphene-enhanced Li-ion AA batteries

Feb 28, 2017

The Chinese Beijing Carbon Century Technology has stated that it has developed a graphene-based lithium-ion AA rechargeable battery and said it's ready to be mass produced.

BGCCT's graphene Li-ion battery image

Compared with ordinary AA dry batteries and rechargeable batteries, Carbon Century Technology’s graphene batteries can reportedly be used 30,000 times under temperatures between -45 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.

Gnanomat enters agreement to develop graphene-based materials for batteries

Feb 19, 2017

Gnanomat logoGnanomat, the Spain-based developer and manufacturer of added value nanomaterials for a variety of applications, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with HydraRedox Iberia, a Spanish SME formed to develop, manufacture and commercialize large scale batteries based on a proprietary vanadium-redox technology.

Under this agreement, Gnanomat will develop, optimize and manufacture custom advanced materials that will be utilized in Hydra Redox Iberia’s vanadium redox batteries. During the collaboration, development teams from both companies will work together to design and develop advanced nanomaterials, including graphene-based ones.

Researchers develop a graphene-based anode material that improves the performance of sodium-ion batteries

Feb 16, 2017

Researchers from the South China University of Technology, National Taiwan Normal University and the U.S-based Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a graphene-based anode material that enables sodium-ion batteries to perform at high capacity over hundreds of cycles.

Graphene-based sodium ion batteries image

The high-performance anode material was created by binding an antimony-based mineral onto sulfur-doped graphene sheets. Incorporating the anode into a sodium-ion battery allowed it to perform at 83% capacity over 900 cycles. The researchers say this is the best reported performance for a sodium-ion battery with an antimony-based anode material.

An all-electric car with graphene-based battery to be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show

Feb 15, 2017

One of the surprises about to be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show is rumored to be a Chinese project - an all-electric vehicle by Pininfarina, being completed for Hybrid Kinetic Group (HK Motors of Hong Kong). The H600 luxury sedan is said to be relying on graphene-based battery technology to deliver high and lasting power.

Chinese all-electric car with graphene-based battery image

While technical specifications and range are not yet available, the graphene battery in the sedan expected to launch soon should have around 50-100 times the power density of comparable lithium-ion batteries and 5-10 times the energy density.