Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have announced an investment of £2.5 million for graphene feasibility studies targeting the applications of graphene with the greatest commercial potential.

Businesses can apply for a share of the investment to carry out studies into the use of graphene and other 2D carbon-based materials in specific industrial applications. The studies should evaluate the feasibility and potential use of graphene in a specific application with relevant data to support its performance.

This competition aims to stimulate the exploitation of this high-performance material by evaluating the potential of graphene and assessing industry-standard performance. It will support projects that focus on the feasibility of graphene and present two or more industrial applications.

Projects should exploit the characteristics of graphene to deliver entirely new benefits, additional benefits or improvements in the existing benefits of the end application. These benefits can include structural, electrical, optical, thermal, selective permeability, speed of manufacture, ease of use, durability and flexibility.

The projects must be led by a business and must include a partner with a future route to market. They are expected to range in size from total costs of £100,000 to £250,000 and to last six to 12 months.