2-DTech logoVersarien, the advanced engineering materials group, recently announced that its graphene development subsidiary, 2-DTech, has achieved a major breakthrough in graphene production. The 2-DTech production process provides significant amounts of single layer graphene on an industrial scale.

The company believes that this significant advance will accelerate potential commercial applications for graphene and graphene products. As a result of 2-DTech's investment program, it has developed its own proprietary graphene production technique founded upon a licensed process from University of Ulster.

Building on techniques originating from University of Manchester, refined by University of Ulster and 2-DTech, this patented process involves a mechanized exfoliation process in which a strong shearing force is applied to the surface of the graphene layers. This process can be automated and allows graphene sheets to be produced in larger quantities and with greater chemical purity. The resulting graphene has up to 99% carbon and minimal oxygen content, as well as being effectively inert. The graphene also exhibits exceptionally good structure and retains a very high degree of crystallinity ensuring that the risk of contamination is significantly reduced.

2-DTech are currently working with a number of clients, from industries as diverse as military, medical and consumer products, requiring access to high quality, cost effective graphene and are expecting to form a number of further partnerships to commercialize this technology in the near future.