Norway-based Graphene Oxide developer Abalonyx says that there is a strong interest in graphene oxide (GO) solutions in the research community, across a wide range of applications. While first industrial adoption is "on the horizon", Abalonyx estimates that industry acceptance is strongly related to cost.

Graphene Oxide production cost estimate (Sep 2018, Abalonyx)

Abalonyx' current production cost is around €800 per Kg (dry weight basis) - since the Company's GO is currently used by researchers and early R&D efforts. Abalonyx estimates that as production volume goes up, the price of production could reach around 22 Euro / Kg - which will make GO applicable for areas such as concrete and asphalt. The projection is based on the company's own extrapolation of today's capacity and the effect of full-automation. The cost does not include waste handling (although Abalonyx believes that it will be able to handle that at no cost). Abalonyx is currently selling its GO at 1,300 - 4,000 per Kg depending on amount and grade (1.3 - 4 per gram).

Abalonyx currently produces its GO materials at its south east Norway facility. The company produces 1.1 Kg per batch, and usually produces less than 1 batch per week as demand is still limited. The company says it can easily increase its production to around 800 Kg/year.

Abalonyx is involved with several projects, related to energy, coatings, membranes and more. One such project is the development of r-GO anode materials for Lithium-Sulfur batteries (Li-S). The Company explains that graphene could help solve at least some of the challenges that hold Li-S technology back, and the company is collaborating with its "sister" company Graphene Batteries. Abalonyx sees possible applications in Drone batteries - which could find benefits in the light weight of Li-S batteries compared to current Li-Ion solutions.

Abalonyx is also developing r-GO electrode materials for Supercapacitors.