Arcadia developed a new field watch that uses graphene coating. The Arcadia G1.0 Graphene Field Watch has been launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The analog watch itself is based on a Citizen Miyota 2035 quartz movement and sports a carbon-fiber patterned leather band. The graphene field watch costs $349.

Arcadia G1.0 Graphene Field Watch photoArcadia developed its own proprietary graphene-based coating (branded as DuraPhene) which is mechanically and thermally sealed to the watch's stainless steel substrate. Arcadia will offer this coating to third-parties and sees potential applications in oil field equipment, solar panels, lifetime products, marine products and more. Arcadia says that DuraPhene Coating features corrosion protection and is wear and abrasion resistance in addition to being anti-microbial and anti-glare.

We have talked to Arcadia's CEO, who updated us that the company is using reduced graphene oxide (rGO) produced by Graphenea. The graphene is mixed with polytetrafluoroethylene to create the composite coating.




well as a scientist who is working with graphene on a daily basis I have serious doubts about that product...I cannot see in what way graphene would enhance any specs of a simple watch. Even if it is coated in graphene oxide. I think this is again just a marketing gag to use graphene as a selling point for a else boring product. Wouldn't recommend supporting this unless they can proof the improvement of the watch by using graphene. And they don't show any proof whatsoever in the kickstarter campaign

Mr. Doubtful

Understood on the doubts, but you do indeed realize as you have stated that you are a scientist you are fully aware of the properties of graphen in conjunction with coatings correct?

I think it is a bit of a stretch for someone to make the kind of comment Bob has made without testing the coating first.

The claim is scuff and scratch resistant, as well corrosion resistant.

So what is wrong with that claim Bob?

I could tell you more about this incredible coating, but why give it away?

My thoughts are if you are indeed a scientist buy the watch do some tests that will either disprove the claims or will stand on their own merits.

You sound like a rational scientist with the exception making a statement based upon an assumption.

Arcadia watch graphene coating

On behalf of the Arcadia team I am responding to your scientific opinion. While everyone is welcome to have an opinion, I would like to assume scientists deal with facts not conjecture. The Arcadia case is, indeed, coated with graphene. It is in the form of concentrated oxide (rGO) mixed with a carrier (polytetrafluoroethylene) (the coating). There is intellectual property (IP) associated with the ingredient set, the prep/application process and thermal bonding. All of this is proprietary.

What I can disclose is that the DuraPhene material/process is a refinement of the graphene coating being applied to down-hole tools, pipe casing, pump impellers and blending tank liners for oil field fracking. Fracking is done in hostile surface and underground environments where high pressures are required to pump the sand/chemical mixtures miles underground. This graphene coating has been field tested and utilized now for the past three years by oil field service firms. It is providing significantly enhanced life of product due to the inherent attributes of graphene: abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. Thus, extending the life of these parts/assemblies that come into contact with the abrasive slurry. This isn’t lab research…this is the graphene product performing in the real world. These are the same coating attributes enhancing the Arcadia Field Watch.

The sophisticated scientific firm applying the DuraPhene coating to the Arcadia watch cases does exotic coating work for DARPA, U.S. Military, NASA and so on.

I applaud your work in all things graphene and wish you all the success is helping bring this remarkable material, graphene, to solve the world’s problems. Further, since you are a graphene scientist, I would encourage you to buy a watch and conduct your own investigations…such as Raman Spectroscopy (to confirm graphene presence), Rockwell hardness, ASTM standard abrasion tests, etc.

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