2014 will soon be over - and it was another fast-paced year for the graphene industry. Graphene-based products are finally entering the market, and research activities seem to increase and reveal the great promise of the new wonder material. Here are the top 10 stories posted on Graphene-Info in 2014, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

    1. Is Tesla developing a graphene-enhanced Li-Ion battery? (Aug 19)
    2. Interview with Angstron Materials' head of marketing and business development (Feb 2)
    3. Graphene 3D Lab aims to have commercial graphene-based 3D printing materials in 6 months (Sep 12)
    4. UK's Perpetuus enters the graphene market (Feb 26)
    5. Graphene enable Italy's Vittoria to launch the world's fastest bicycle wheels (Oct 11)
    6. Electrons in a graphene superlattice behave like in no other material (Sep 13)
    7. Samsung announces a breakthrough large-area graphene synthesis process (Apr 4)
    8. Phosphorene, a new 2D material is a native p-type semiconductor (Jan 24)
    9. Rebar graphene, a new CNT-Graphene hybrid, is better than CVD graphene, easier to manufacture (Apr 8)
    10. Haydale to raise $16 million via London IPO (Mar 14)

    While there were some interesting research activities, it seems that the focus is indeed moving towards commercialization efforts, new materials and new products. Currently almost all graphene applications are in the composite materials market, and hopefully this will continue in 2015 and we'll also start seeing new graphene applications (maybe in batteries, solar panels, 3D printing, etc).

    2014 was also a very good year here at Graphene-Info. After working on the site alone for over 5 years, I finally got some help. Roni Peleg joined me (you can read more about her here) and quickly took over as the main writer for the site. Together with Roni we're going to make some major changes and hopefully you're going to see more in-depth coverage of the graphene industry and new services from us.

    We also want to wish everyone an awesome and peaceful 2015 and wonderful holidays!