Bluestone Global Tech logoBGT Materials Limited (previously BlueStone Global Tech) was a Manchester, UK based graphene producer. BGT offered fully customizable graphene on several substrates (Quartz, Copper, Silicon and others).

BGT Also offered a range graphene and graphene oxide based products, including suspensions, inks and membranes. The company seems no longer to be in business.

In September 2013 BGT announced plans to collaborate with Manchester University on several graphene projects, including research into supercapacitors, plasmonics and filtration membranes. BGT was the first industrial partner of the £60-million National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester.

The company has spun-off two companies, Graphene Lighting (that aims to commercialize LED lighting enhanced by graphene) and Graphene Security (that focuses on graphene-based RFID tags and antennas).

In February 2013 the company announced the availability of 24" by 300" graphene-on-copper foils. In April 2013 we interviewed the company's CEO and discussed the company's technology and business.

Company Address

169 Myers Corners Rd2.
312 Photon Science Institute
M13 9PL
United Kingdom

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The latest BGT graphene news:

China's Powerbooster developed graphene-based flexible touch panels, started mass production?

Powerbooster Technology (based in Shanghai) developed a graphene-based flexible touch-panels for mobile devices. The company says that graphene is cheaper and stronger than ITO (traditionally used for touch panels). The company plans to invest $150 million in the next three years in order to bring their solutions to the market.

Powerbooster is partnering with Bluestone Global Tech to supply them with graphene. They say they already started to produce these touch panels - in fact they claim that they already sell around 2 million touch panels per month, apparently to mid-sized Chinese smartphone makers (this is rather surprising, hopefully we'll learn more soon). They aim to get the first products with their graphene touch screens in the market by the end of 2013.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 26,2013

Interview with Bluestone Global Tech's CEO, promises first graphene-based touch panels by Q3 2013

Bluestone Global Tech logoBluestone Global Tech (BGT) was founded in 2011 in New York with an aim to produce graphene. The company offers high-quality, fully customizable graphene on several substrates (Quartz, Copper, Silicon and others). BGT's CEO, Dr. Chung Ping Lai, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had about the company's business and technology.

Dr. Lai became BGT's CEO in November 2012. Previously he worked with Taiwan's ITRI institute, Veeco, Applied films and other companies. Dr. Lai received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Ceramics Science and Engineering of Rutgers University in 1992. 

Read the full story Posted: Apr 09,2013

Bluestone Global Tech now offers a 24" by 300" graphene film on copper

Bluestone Global Tech (BGT) announced that they are now offering a roll of 24" by 300" graphene film on copper (branded Grat-Film). This is the first time that such a large graphene sheet is available.

BGT's online shop currently offers graphene on PET, on Quartz and on SiO2/Si. Hopefully they'll add the new graphene-on-copper product soon - and then we'll know the price of this new product.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 08,2013