Cabot Corp launched a graphene-based additive for high energy density lithium-ion batteries

Cabot Corporation launched the LITX G700, the company's first graphene-based additive for high energy density lithium-ion batteries. They say that this additive will allow L-Ion battery makers to achieve superior cell performance.

Cabot explains that the LITX G700 conductive additive is designed for use in electric vehicle and high-end consumer electronics in which better driving range and longer run times are critical performance features. This new additive is designed to deliver the conductivity needed to achieve very high energy densities in lithium-ion batteries at ultra-low loadings in comparison to conventional additives. Less loading or volume allocated to conductive additives enables more volume to be available for energy storage materials. As a result, the LITX G700 graphene-based additive delivers step change performance in conductivity at ultra-low loadings and is easily incorporated into battery electrodes.

Back in October 2011 XG Sciences announced that it has signed a $4 million license agreement with Cabot Corporation that gave Cabot non-exclusive rights to XG Sciences’ low-cost graphene Nanoplatelets production technology and access to XG Sciences products. It seems that this is Cabot's first product to use XG Sciences's GNP technology.

Posted: Feb 26,2013 by Ron Mertens