Following a $7.8 Million Series A-1 financing announced in March 2019, Cardea, (formerly called Nanomedical Diagnostics), a U.S-based manufacturer of a biology-enabled transistor technology made from graphene-based biosensors, now announced another $7.5 Million raised in the Series A2 Financing.

The capital will help accelerate the growth and development of the Company’s proprietary Tech+Bio Infrastructure and chipsets that enable Cardea’s Innovation Partners to bring “Powered by Cardea" products to market with features and competitive advantages Cardea defines as "never seen before".

The round was led by a partnership of VCs; Tsingyuan Ventures, Lifespan Investments, and longtime Cardea investor Serra Ventures, as well as a life science industry insiders like Agilent Technologies, Table Mountain Capital, Photon Fund, and Taihill Venture (former Skylight Investment).

The Company stated that it achieved significant milestones since its last round of fundraising in March 2019. The company recently launched a breakthrough chipset; CRISPR-Chip that is built with its proprietary Cardean Transistors. The first of its kind chipset uses CRISPR as the transistor gate, and thereby harvests CRISPR’s powerful natural ability to search through genomes for genetic sequences of interest. This is all accomplished without the need of PCR/DNA amplification, enabling the user to observe the CRISPR search activity and results LIVE on a computer screen.