Graphene suppliers


Nitronix logo imageNitronix Nanotechnology is an advanced materials supplier. Nitronix states that it has a unique, large-scale production capability in large-sized, minimal-layer graphene nanosheets. Nitronix is a privately-held corporation, founded by a group of scientists and specialists in the field of nano- and two-dimensional materials. Nitronix was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

Nitronix currently manufactures and sells graphene nanosheets and graphene-based compounds, and is also developing other advanced materials based on the company’s unique graphene nanosheet production technology.

Source Graphene

Source Graphene logoSource Graphene, based in Romania and established in 2017, is a graphene oxide producer and supplier.

Source Graphene is producing its GO materials from raw graphite using proprietary separation and washing methods.


BT Corp logoBottom Up Technologies Corporation (BT-Corp) was established in 2012 in India with an aim to manufacture graphene and multiwall CNTs, develop carbon nanomaterials based applications and provide consulting on nanotechnology issues.

BT-Corp currently produces lab-scale graphene, graphene oxide and related products. The company also sells CVD manufacturing equipment.

Advanced Graphene Products

Advanced Graphene Products logoAdvanced Graphene Products - AGP – is a company that produces and supplies graphene with a primary focus on the engineering and development of graphene based products. AGP produces graphene by a unique method: growth on a liquid metal matrix.

The company's HSMG™ (High Strength Metallurgical Graphene™) shows very high mechanical strength and durability, with tests showing up to double the tensile strain resistance compared to CVD. The company transfers graphene onto any desired substrate at customers request. Perfect coverage and continuity makes it the best product for industrial and laboratorial use.

Graphene Leaders Canada

Graphene Leaders Canada logo (2017)Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) is a Canada-based graphene supplier and applications developer (focused on the energy sector and water filtration). The company developed its own graphite-exfoliation method to produce graphene and uses Canadian mined graphite to produce GO and rGO materials.

ACS Material

ACS Material logoACS Material is a US based chemical material supplier.

The company offers CVD grown graphene, graphene oxide, graphene nanoplates, carboxyl graphene and more.

Cheap Tubes

Cheap Tubes logoCheap Tubes Inc (CTI) is a supplier of carbon nanotubes and graphene-based products including graphene CVD sheets, GNPs and graphene ink.


2-DTech logo2-DTech makes and supplies 2D materials, including CVD-made graphene, graphene platelets, graphene oxide and other 2D materials. The company also offers prototyping of graphene based devices.

Nanjing JCNano

Nanjing JCNano logoNanjing JCNano, based in Nanjing, China, produces and supplies several carbon based materials, including graphene, graphene oxide, graphite oxide and carboxyl graphene.

The company produces high-quality graphene sheets using CVD-based process.

Graphene Platform Corp

Graphene Platform logoGraphene Platform Corp (previously iTRIX), established in 2000 and based in Tokyo, Japan refocused its business to graphene in 2011. The company maintains a fully equipped applications lab in Yokohama, Japan and produces CVD graphene and epitaxial graphene on SiC for both commercial and R&D use.