GraphenEra logo imageGraphenEra was a joint venture company owned by LWP Technologies (ASX:LWP) and VVV Technologies to build a proprietary designed aluminium graphene oxygen battery prototype that will aim to have vastly superior features compared to current Lithium based batteries.

Graphene Enabled Systems

Graphene Enabled Systems logo imageGraphene Enabled Systems was established by the University of Manchester to develop a range of industrial products, components and systems based on its broad portfolio of IP relating to graphene and other 2D technologies.

LWP Technologies

LWP Technologies Ltd (ASX: LWP) is an Australian oil and gas technology company focused on developing a next generation, fly-ash based, proppant for use in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of oil and gas wells globally.


Zapgocharger logoZapGo, based at Harwell, Oxford, was a UK-based company founded in September 2013. The Company developed ultra-fast charge graphene-enhanced supercapacitors.

ZapGo's supercapacitors are based on a combination of carbon nanotubes and graphene materials, and a proprietary electrolyte. The company developed several generations of its supercapacitor and in 2017 aimed to start commercializing its first products. The company seems no longer to be in business.


NanoSmiths logoIndia-based NanoSmiths is a graphene and CNTs producer and supplier. The company aimes to be the world's cheapest supplier of graphene.

NanoSmiths offers graphene flakes in different grades - for both R&D activities and commercial production


CealTech, established in 2012, was a graphene producer that patented a 3D graphene production method.

The company's production unit (design and technology are patent pending) called FORZA was meant to be the world's largest machine for production of high volume single layer pure graphene.


Eskagon logoEksagon, established in collaboration with Manchester's NGI in 2015, developed graphene-based energy generation, storage and conversion technologies.

The company seems no longer to be in business.

Norwegian Graphite

Norwegian Graphite was a privately-owned technology development and natural resource company, focused both on the development of commercial applications of graphene and on the exploration and development of a portfolio of unique quality flake graphite properties in Norway.

Primary Dispersions

Primary Dispersions seems to no longer be in business. It was founded in 2008 as a spin-out from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). Primary Dispersions Limited (PDL) has developed an advanced and disruptive milling technology (‘ConCor') in collaboration with their technology partners, Maelstrom Advanced Process Technology (Maelstrom APT).