Continuum Technologies

Continuum Technologies logo imageContinuum Technologies was a UK-based company that developed graphene-based sensing nanotechnology embedded into fabrics. Focusing on athletic performance enhancement as a use case, Continuum aimed to provide real-time monitoring of biometric and biomechanical health data.

The company is no longer active.

Nanotech Engineering

Nanotech engineering logo imageNanotech Engineering Inc. was a Delaware Corporation located in Aurora, CO, USA.

Nanotech Engineering claimed to have created a thin, lightweight, yet strong graphene-based solar panel that was said to have a 92% rating, as compared to traditional panels at only 20%.


Akkolab logoAkkolab, established in Russia in 2009, produced graphene oxide and reduced-GO materials.

Akkolab also performedresearch and development in the application of graphene materials in energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors), composites, inks and more.

The company seems no longer to be in business.


NanoGraphene logoNanoGraphene, established in 2016 in the USA, was a graphene producer that used a proprietary, environmentally friendly technology in industrial quantities.

Nanographene's main product was chemically pure unoxidized graphene, and the company also produced other products based on graphene, including modified epoxy resin, electrically conductive and corrosion-resistant coating, anode material for lithium batteries and adhesives.