Directa Plus launches graphene-enhanced textiles initiatives

Directa Plus has launched Directa Textile Solutions (DTS), a new company set up to commercialize graphene-enhanced textile membranes for the growing market of smart textiles. This launch follows the €60,000 (US $64,555) acquisition of a 60% stake in textile membrane company Osmotek by Directa Plus.

Directa Plus has been working closely with Novaresin, a membrane production company with a factory in Italy, to develop graphene-enhanced textile membranes. The agreement stipulates that Directa Plus will supply graphene-based products to Novaresin, which will then produce the graphene-enhanced membranes to commercialize through DTS.

In January 2016, Directa Plus and Colmar launched a line of graphene-enhanced sportswear.
Posted: Nov 16,2016 by Roni Peleg