Elcora Resources announces work on an innovative graphene production process

Elcora Resources announced that it is working the development of a unique graphene production process, which can use a wide variety of graphite sources as raw material to produce consistent high quality graphene.

The Elcora system uses vertical integration in the mining, processing, and refining to optimize the graphite for the process. The company has developed a new industrial process, which it refers to as 'a trade secret', that is capable of transforming Elcora graphite into high quality graphene. The synthesis of the graphene itself does not depend on the graphite source as long as it is properly processed, meaning that the Elcora process can be used with a wide range of graphite sources.

The company states that the development of this unique graphene production process, as well as the equipment, is a significant milestone for Elcora, and that the beauty of the system is that it can work with a wide variety of graphite sources so it is not limited by the graphite supply. Once completed, it will be able to supply the market with consistent high quality graphene that is made from natural graphite. 

Posted: Jan 12,2016 by Roni Peleg