Elcora new logo imageThe company was formerly named Elcora Resources, and changed its name in February 2016.

It is based in Canada and aims to become a vertically integrated carbon company - from graphite mining to graphene production. The company has full operational control and a 40% equity interest in Sakura graphite Mine in Sri Lanka.

Elcora Resources is a public company that trades in the Toronto stock exchange (TSXV: ERA)

Company Address: 
1969 Upper Water Street

The latest Elcora graphene news:

Elcora's Graphene Corp announces first graphene shipment

Canada-based Elcora Advanced Materials has reported its first shipment of graphene from its 100% wholly owned subsidiary, Graphene Corp. The graphene material, produced from its Canadian plant in Bedford, Nova Scotia reportedly meets all the high-quality specifications as tested by the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Elcora, through Graphene Corp., has developed processes to refine graphite with a much higher yield of graphene. This process can be used with a wide variety of graphite sources, therefore does not limit itself to specific raw material used. The Elcora technical personnel have also developed a unique low-cost and ecological process to make graphene that is commercially scalable.

Elcora announces completion of graphene facility

Elcora Advanced Materials recently reported on the progress of its Graphene R&D Lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Construction of the graphene production facility commenced in February 2016 and the equipment is now in place and commissioning is reportedly on schedule.

According to the company, the lab will develop and optimize a small industrial-sized graphene production chain, as well as conduct graphene research in energy storage, coatings and printed electronics, developing commercial applications. The (approximately) 2000 sq ft size Lab is designed to provide secondary refining of the company's graphite from the Ragedara Mine in Sri Lanka as well as other graphite deposits, and to produce quality graphene for distribution and sale to other R&D organizations. In addition, it will also be used to conduct Elcora's own internal graphene application development, as part of the company's vertical integration plan.

Elcora Advanced Materials announced starting construction of graphene facility

Elcora Advanced Materials has announced that it has started construction of its graphene production facility. Elcora is constructing its own graphene production facility in the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to supply high quality graphene.

The plant is meant to have a modular design in which each "line" will be able to produce 100 kg of graphene per year. The plant will use a graphite precursor specially processed and refined for the Elcora graphene process within the vertically integrated supply chain.

Elcora Resources announces work on an innovative graphene production process

Elcora Resources announced that it is working the development of a unique graphene production process, which can use a wide variety of graphite sources as raw material to produce consistent high quality graphene.

The Elcora system uses vertical integration in the mining, processing, and refining to optimize the graphite for the process. The company has developed a new industrial process, which it refers to as 'a trade secret', that is capable of transforming Elcora graphite into high quality graphene. The synthesis of the graphene itself does not depend on the graphite source as long as it is properly processed, meaning that the Elcora process can be used with a wide range of graphite sources.

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