Exposure Lights, a UK-based company focused on lighting solutions for cycling and outdoor activities, has been showing a graphene-based ‘action camera’ light called ‘Capture‘ at several cycle shows, to compliment GoPro type products primarily, but also as a useful multi purpose pocketable light.

The unit is enclosed in a graphene-enhanced polymer casing, where graphene acts as a heat conductor. It is designed to be waterproof, uses a standard GoPro type battery and has the standard GoPro style mount points. The specifications include a 600 Lumens output, 69g weight including battery, Long burn times with adjustable output and the target RSP is £99.99.The aim is for a launch via Kickstarter, as this will help introduce the brand and product to other markets outside of the traditional Cycling and Marine markets. These include areas such as Drone, Camera and Extreme Sports markets.