First Graphene demonstrates the use of its PureGRAPH in a high volume application in the mining sector

In June 2018, First Graphene signed a Memorandum of Understanding with newGen Group (WA-based mining industry supplier, providing liners for the leading iron ore producers) for the development of graphene-enhanced products (primarily polyurethane liners) for the mining services industry. Now, the two have reported that PureGRAPH graphene has been successfully incorporated into a high volume application in the mining sector.

Graphene-ehanced bucker FGR imageThe reclaimer bucket liner strengthened by PureGRAPH graphene

A full scale mining reclaimer bucket was cast for an on-site trial. Test work has confirmed PureGRAPH readily disperses into the polymer resin used, and now further bucket linings will be cast and sold for use in northern Australia.

PureGRAPH enhanced polymer liners for a range of associated applications will also be tested. FGR and newGen are working on the use of a PureGRAPH enhanced polyurethane in other high volume mining applications in the iron ore industry where newGen are preferred supplier.

Posted: Oct 25,2018 by Roni Peleg