Gnanomat launches two graphene-based nanocomposites

Spain-based Gnanomat recently announced the launch of its graphene-based nanocomposites.

Gnanomat launches graphene nanocomposites image

Gnanomat stated that its manufacturing process technology offers the possibility to generate a broad range of different advanced materials for use in different industrial applications. Further nanomaterials will, in the following months, be added to supply both research and industrial customers. These products will allow the Company's clients to perform preliminary tests and open the possibility to co-develop advanced materials that meet their technical demands. Gnanomat products formulation and process have been designed for supply at industrial quantities.

The two first products ready for commercialization are:

  1. Graphene-Manganese Oxide nanocomposite. This product, supplied as dry powder, is made of pristine graphene combined with manganese oxide nanoparticles. This material has shown excellent properties in applications as pseudocapacitors, catalyst and chemical sensing among others.
  2. Graphene-Zinc Oxide nanocomposite. Also supplied as dry powder, this product is a graphene coated with nanoparticles of zinc oxide. This material, has great potential in applications such as electrodes for energy storage devices, photocatalytic activity, photocurrent generation and antibacterial activity.

In addition to these products, Gnanomat can also manufacture other formulations upon request and plans to add more materials to its portfolio in the coming months.

Posted: Oct 22,2020 by Roni Peleg