Grafoid logoGrafoid announced that it is going to acquire ALCERECO for $1.25 million CAD (about $1.15 million USD). ALCERECO is a technology company that develops, tests and produces advanced materials, composites, alloys and coatings. The company's best known materials are aluminum-scandium alloys, specialty ceramics, rare earths and advanced composite materials.

ALCERECO caters for several markets, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, sporting goods, infrastructural and mining sectors. The company has a global customer base and production facilities that Grafoid says can be used to develop innovative, scalable processes to bring new MesoGraf graphene-based materials to market.

It seems that Grafoid acquired the company mainly for its facilities and and principals which can be used to help bring MesoGraf materials quicker to market. I guess they believe it will be easier to adopt the company's plant to graphene than to start from scratch.