Grafoid logoFollowing Grafoid's ALCERECO acquisition (for $1.25 million CAD) a couple of months ago, the company will inaugurate its new R&D facility in Kingston, Ontario (ALCERECO's production site) later this week.

When Grafoid announced the acquisition of the advanced material developer, they said they hope to use ALCERECO's production facility and convert it to MesoGraf graphene production. Grafoid will use graphene ores from Focus Graphite's Lac-Knife mine and exfoliate them to graphene materials.

Grafoid recently raised close to $5 million (from Focus Graphite and private investors). Mesograf is Grafoid's graphene-based material announced about 8 months ago. The company also recently signed an agreement with Altamat to construct an atomization facility to produce MesoGraf graphene-based powders and filaments for 3D printing.