Grafoid logoGrafoid is a private company based in Canada that aims to produce graphene on a commercial scale using their proprietary extraction process. The company is also active in high-growth, scalable graphene projects, patents and material applications. In May 2013, the company (together with Graphite Zero, of which it holds a majority stake) launched the MesoGraf brand of affordable high-quality graphene materials under the MesoGraf brand.

Grafoid is collaborating on Graphene research with Focus Graphite (which used to own 40% of Grafoid, although it is only a minor shareholder now) and the two companies are still linked by a 10-year offtake agreement. Grafoid is also co-developing graphene-based polymer and non-polymer applications with Rutgets University.

In July 2013 the company raised $3.5 million from private investors. In February 2015, Grafoid received a $8.1 million CAD ($6.46 USD) grant from the Canadian government. In March 2016 China's Xiamen signed a strategic agreement with Grafoid and agreed to buy up to 20% of the company.

In May 2019 Grafoid launched a new company called Grafprint3D to develop and produce graphene inks and 3D printing inks.

Company Address: 
945 Princess Street
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

The latest Grafoid graphene news:

Grafoid unveils a cost-effective graphene coating called GrafeneX

Grafoid, a leading graphene R&D and investment company, announced its entry into the global industrial coatings market with the introduction of its patent pending GrafeneX graphene coatings technology. Grafoid describes the GrafeneX technologies as a cost-effective way of laying down graphene coatings on large surface areas.

GrafeneX is a novel technology that creates a platform for the deposition of graphene and chemically functionalized graphene coatings. This process provides Grafoid with the capability to apply its diverse graphene-based coatings to many different types of material substrates with controllable levels of surface coverage, thickness etc. to meet precise end user requirements.

Grafoid enters agreement to sell its share in Braille Batteries

Mincom Capital has announced it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent with Grafoid to acquire Grafoid's 75% interest in Braille Holdings which owns Braille Battery. The proposed purchase price is $2 million USD, of which $1 million USD will be paid in cash and $1 million USD will be paid in shares issued to Grafoid from the treasury of Mincom. To fund this acquisition, Mincom plans to raise around $3 million USD.

Grafoid stated that "We see future market opportunities for high performing next generation batteries in the bus and truck manufacturing sectors and we see trends emerging in marine, aviation and medical equipment and other industrial sectors that might benefit from graphene-based energy solutions".

A green energy business alliance formed between Grafoid, Focus Graphite, Stria Lithium and Braille Battery

Grafoid logoGrafoid has announced the formalization of a strategic green energy business alliance branded as the 2GL Platform. The collaborative agreement pioneers the unification of the development of materials, technologies and processes for next generation energy applications under a shared vision and direction.

This business alliance involves collaboration between Grafoid, Focus Graphite, Stria Lithium (a junior mining exploration company with an expanding technology focus in lithium metal and foil) and Braille Battery (a leading manufacturer and seller of ultra-lightweight high performance AGM and lithium-ion batteries).

Grafoid enters agreement with Xiamen Tungsten to develop graphene-based applications in China

Grafoid logoGrafoid has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Xiamen Tungsten of Xiamen, China, for the establishment of a strategic joint venture partnership. The agreement establishes terms for Xiamen's acquisition of up to a 20% equity position in Grafoid through the purchase of common shares - including Grafoid common shares currently held by Grafoid's affiliate, Focus Graphite, an advanced Canadian graphite mining exploration and development company.

Focus Graphite currently holds 7.9 million Grafoid shares, and according to the MOU Xiamen can purchase up to 7 million shares from Grafoid. Seems like Focus Graphite does not want to remain a major shareholder in Grafoid - although the two companies are still linked by a 10-year offtake agreement.

Grafoid teams up with partners to launch GO Foundation

Grafoid logoThe Canadian Grafoid, along with NAATBatt International from the United States and Phantoms Foundation of Spain, have announced the launch of GO Foundation (Graphene Organization Foundation), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting graphene innovation and commercialization.

GO Foundation supports start-up graphene entrepreneurs, scientific innovators and small and medium enterprises engaged in materials and product development. The foundation's aim is to assist entrepreneurs in bringing their inventions to market. It accelerates the pace of adoption by businesses of materials and products enhanced with graphene; offers a neutral collaborative environment to develop strategies and initiatives, and offers a clustering approach to define graphene supply chains to speed the adoption of graphene in advanced materials and manufacturing.