Graphenano develops graphene-enhanced dental technology

Spain-based Graphenano is studying the use of graphene nanotechnology in dentistry. At the 2021 International Dental Show in Cologne, Graphenano Dental exhibited its products, such as the G-CAM disc for CAD/CAM milling systems, which relies on this technology.

Graphenano's G-CAM dental solutions image

Unlike zirconia, for example, which is still widely used, our graphene nano-reinforced biopolymer G-CAM disc has excellent blending properties, explained Graphenano Dental General Manager Jesús Martínez. He went on to say that the appearance is extremely natural and resolves all the mechanical, physico-chemical and biological failures of the rest of the materials currently used in the industry.

Our material also benefits patients, of course, as it is really light and a lot softer than zirconia. A zirconia prosthesis that weighs 70 g may only weigh as little as 12 g when manufactured using the resin and graphene combination. With G-CAM, patients feel no difference to their natural teeth, Martínez added.

G-CAM has a CE mark, and Graphenano Dental has so far mainly focused on the European market, but is steadily branching out. The South and North American markets are its next target. The G-CAM disc has been submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for market clearance, and it will be available throughout the US in two to three months.

Posted: Oct 13,2021 by Roni Peleg