Graphene 3D Lab announces new Industrial Materials Division

Graphene 3D Lab has announced a third line of business, the Industrial Materials Division, to be devoted to development of high volume graphene-infused polymers for the automotive, robotics, drone, aerospace and military industries. This line will join the company's two main ones: graphene production and commercialization of 3D Printing technologies.

As a step in this direction, G3L has finalized installation and testing of a state of the art twin-screw extruder manufactured by Thermo Fisher. This specialized equipment allows the company to create advanced composite materials with exceptional accuracy in shorter working times. The extruder will help to incorporate graphene into materials well suited for industrial production of new or existing products that are lighter, stronger, and more flexible than their current commercial counterparts. The company will now be able to respond faster to the increased demand from manufacturers.

G3L stated that all three of these business lines are closely tied and that it is developing the capacity to innovate and commercialize products by applying the company's rapidly expanding knowledge base. The past year has been spent developing new product lines, expanding production capacity and integrating Graphene Labs into the 3D Lab business.

Posted: Mar 27,2016 by Roni Peleg