Graphene 3D Lab files patent for graphene manufacturing

Graphene 3D Lab has filed a non-provisional patent relating to the preparation and separation of atomic layers of graphene. This technology is said to represent a new, energy-efficient process to manufacture, sort and classify graphene nanoparticles, resulting in the potential for large-scale production of high-grade graphene.

The patent is relevant to graphene nanoplatelets - it covers a new, energy-efficient, non-chemically invasive process that significantly lowers the cost of preparing and separating high-quality, low atomic layers of GNP. 

The company states that the business implications associated with this filing are significant and near term. Up until now, the high cost of quality material has generally restricted its use to R&D labs, which will hopefully change upon offering these benefits to clients who may now utilize graphene into mainstream manufacturing. 

Posted: Sep 30,2015 by Roni Peleg