Graphene Enabled Systems logo imageGraphene Enabled Systems was created by the University of Manchester to develop a range of industrial products, components and systems based on its broad portfolio of IP relating to graphene and other 2D technologies.

Graphene Enabled Systems Limited is wholly owned by the University and will be led by the CEO Andrew Wilkinson.

The company’s mission is to create a number of stand-alone ‘spin-out’ businesses which will license the University’s IP for use in a specific, well-defined application and market. Graphene Enabled expects that these ‘spin-out’ businesses will develop products, components and systems for industrial and consumer applications.

Initially, the main areas of activity will be focused on applications that would benefit from:

  • Graphene’s ability to enhance the mechanical performance of composites
  • The application of graphene and other 2 dimensional materials on to components using inkjet printing systems
  • Production of membranes from graphene or other 2D materials which allow the selective filtration of ions and molecules
  • Using graphene’s ability to carry and store electrical charge
  • Development of corrosion protection systems

The Graphene Enabled business model is to invest its resources in developing product demonstrators and ‘spin-outs’ where there is a well-defined market need from a commercial partner.

Company Address: 
46 Grafton Street
M13 9NT
United Kingdom