An image of graphene ink in alcohol has won the overall prize in a national science photography competition, organized by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). 'Graphene - IPA Ink', by James Macleod, from the University of Cambridge, shows ink which is forced at high pressure through micrometre-scale capillaries made of diamond. This rips the layers apart resulting in a smooth, conductive material in solution.

Graphene ink pic winner of contest image

The image came first in two categories: Innovation, and Equipment and Facilities, as well as winning overall against many other stunning pictures, featuring research in action, in the EPSRC's competition - now in its fourth year.

James Macleod explained how the photograph came about: "We are working to create conductive inks for printing flexible electronics and are currently focused on optimizing our recipe for use in different printing methods and for printing onto different surfaces. This was the first time we had used alcohol to create our ink and I was struck by how mesmerizing it looked while mixing."