Zap&Go awarded with $1.6 million from the EU to continue development of its graphene supercapacitor enhanced power tools

May 23, 2017

UK-based graphene supercapacitor developer Zap&Go announced that it was awarded with a $1.6 million USD from the European Union to perfect the prototype cordless tools powered by its fast-charging graphene supercapacitors.

ZapGo graphene supercapacitor powered tool prototype (PE Europe 2017)

Zap&Go initiated a self-funded feasibility study to embed its graphene supercapacitors in cordless tools. The company says that it has received commitments from major OEMs in joint development agreements. In this new EU-funded project, Zap&Go intends to further develop its power modules and electronics, integrating them with cordless tools such as vacuum cleaners and power drills, and finally build units to conduct customer trials.

Saint Jean Carbon intends to raise $2.5 million in a new funding round

May 19, 2017

Saint Jean Carbon announced that it intends to raise $2.5 million in two private placements. The company already closed the first tranche of the common unit offering with a gross proceeds of $327,500.

Saint Jean Carbon recently produced two samples of single layer graphene (1) dispersion 20 mL, 0.1%, with pure 100 mL water and (2) a 50 mg of powder. The company also created graphene that has a magnetic field (Magnetoresistance) and is also researching graphene-enhanced batteries.

Directa Plus announces its 2016 financial results, sees a slowdown in 2017

Apr 28, 2017

Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, reported its financial results for 2016. Revenues increased by 89% compared to 2015 - up from €390,000 to €740,000 - as the company produced 3.1 tonnes of materials, up from 1.3 tonnes in 2015.

Loss after tax in 2016 climbed to €4.1 million from €1.7 million in 2015. Directa Plus had €10.6 million in cash and equivalents as of December 2016.

India-based lab gets a major grant to develop a graphene-based material that rapidly stops bleeding

Mar 30, 2017

Researchers from the CIIRC in India have reportedly received a large sum of money (Rs 30 crore - about $4.6 million) from Sringeri mutt for developing a graphene-based product that can stop bleeding in less than 90 seconds. The product could help soldiers in the field, as well as other applications.

The product is a carboxyl-linked graphene sponge (DAPGS), and is said to make use of amino acids and a biocompatible protein that have been extracted from a tree (bongamia tree) to also help prevent infection. But the unique feature of DAPGS, the team says, is not only that it inherits the remarkable liquid absorbability from the cross-linked graphene sponge, but also enhances the interfacial stimulating ability to blood cells. It can, in addition to absorbing plasma rapidly, stimulate erythrocytes and platelets to change their regular form and structure at the interface, which largely affects the bio-functioning of the cell, thus promoting blood coagulation.

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