Graphene Leaders Canada launches graphene-enhanced water treatment technology

Graphene Leaders Canada logo (2017)Graphene Leaders Canada has launched its GLC+ Water Technologies Platform, which according to the Company "offers a solution to water pollution and remediation and is based on years of expertise in graphene solutions work with a keen focus in water filtration".

The material has been developed as a loose granular adsorbent that can be integrated into existing filtration systems and can be tailored to remove numerous types of contaminants in water. The GLC+ material offers a highly versatile and cost-effective bolt-on solution with the material having the ability to be regenerated for numerous uses.

GLC views the ease of use and long material lifetime to have exceptionally competitive features as compared to other treatment solutions. Within the platform, heavy metals, arsenic, and selenium are only a few of the solutions which can be effectively managed.

GLC has recently completed development of its selenium adsorbent for the treatment of industrial effluents. This involves a proprietary graphene oxide nano-composite material that has been demonstrated to remove both selenite and selenate from water over a pH range of 2-8.

The adsorbent can be used in powder or bead form and is 100% effective in the removal of selenium from a variety of water sources.

Donna Mandau, CEO of Graphene Leaders Canada, stated: The development of innovative water treatment technologies is essential if we are to change the dire predictions of severe shortages of fresh water in the not so distant future. With global water reports announcing that in less than a decade we will face a major shortage of clean water, developing a solution in treatment for water has been a major focus at GLC. The development of our water technologies platform offers industry an effective economic solution, recovery of co-products and reduction in waste. Our hope is that our water technologies platform will have a major and positive impact on the impending global water crisis. We look forward to partnering with leaders in water management to deploy our solution and offer new technology to the world.

Posted: Nov 15,2018 by Roni Peleg