Graphene membrane casting facility acquired by Ionic Industries to further R&D

Ionic Industries, formerly known as Grafitech, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Strategic Energy Resources. Ionic Industries is working together with Monash University to develop a way to sustainably manufacture graphene from natural graphite and graphene-based nanofiltration membranes.

The company has announced the purchase of a membrane casting facility for its graphene membrane technology, with an intention to develop scalable graphene membranes with multiple uses for mining and food processing.

The new facility is intended to allow Ionic Indistries to tailor the number of graphene sheets that are applied to the membrane substrate for specific uses, as well as alter the chemistry of the graphene oxide.

Ionic Industries says its research team has reached several milestones in the field of graphene membranes for water treatment and mining uses, and that the company is also supposed to receive a grant in early 2015 for a study of membrane technology.

Posted: Nov 11,2014 by Roni Peleg