Graphene Nanochem logoGraphene Nanochem entered into a product development and collaboration agreement with Sync R&D - for the development of a next-gen graphene-enhanced Li-Ion battery solution for electric buses, under the Electric Bus 1 Malaysia program.

Under the agreement, Graphene NanoChem and Sync R&D will develop and integrate a graphene-enhanced Li-on Battery into a prototype electric shuttle bus in Malaysia. Sync R&D will design and develop the shuttle bus while Graphene NanoChem will design and produce the battery.

Malaysia aims to have 2,000 electric buses (and 100,000 electric cars) on the road by 2020. The two companies aim to have a first prototype battery ready by 2016.

Graphene Nanochem recently announced further delays in their first graphene-enhanced the material, the Platdrill drilling fluid, due to regulatory and testing constraints. Earlier this month NanoChem signed a licensing and offtake agreement for a total of 135,000 PlatDrill tons in the next five years.

The Li-Ion electrode market seems ready to become a real driver for graphene materials in the near future. Companies active in this market include XG SCiences, Grafoid, SiNode (with Merck's AZEM), Angstron Materials,Perpetuus, CalBattery, Graphene Batteries - and now Graphene Nanochem as well..