Graphene Nanochem teams up with Scomi Oiltools to develop and market Graphene-enhanced drilling fluids

A couple of weeks ago Graphene Nanochem announced that it hopes to start selling htier graphene-enhanced PlatDrill drilling fluid soon, and now the company announced that they signed an agreement with Malaysia's Scomi Oiltools, a global supplier of drilling fluid services. Scomi will exclusively market a range of formulated PlatDrill series to the oilfield chemicals market.

Graphene NanoChem says that PlatDrill fluids deliver superior performance with lower environmental impact as well as better lubricity, load bearing capacity and higher viscosity properties. The first of the PlatDrill series were tested successfully tested and earmarked for deployment in Malaysia and Myanmar (pending the identification of suitable well sites by Scomi's customers).

Graphene NanoChem is now focusing on customizing a range of formulated PlatDrill series tailored to meet the various performance drilling fluid requirements for different geographical locations where Scomi is currently servicing its customers (including Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, China, Vietnam and Turkmenistan).

Graphene NanoChem is already supplying a PlatDrill derivative to Scomi, utilized in oil reservoir drill-in fluids, which has been successfully deployed downhole in Turkmenistan this year. NanoChem still hopes that real PlatDrill deployment will occus before the end of 2013.

Posted: Nov 27,2013 by Ron Mertens