Graphene Nanochem logoGraphene Nanochem was a UK-based company with Malaysian ties that manufactures performance specialty chemicals and advanced nanomaterials from renewable sources including waste materials. The company offered several products for the oil and gas sectors.

Graphene Nanochem held an exclusive license to a process known as Catalyx which uses a catalyst to extract graphene from biogases (such as methane). This process can potentially mean low-cost graphene production. The company also developed graphene-enhanced lubricants used in the extraction of shale gas, graphene-based Li-Ion batteries and graphene water treatment systems.

In September 2014, Graphene Nanochem signed a licensing and offtake agreement for the entire production of the graphene-enhanced PlatDrill lubricant to Scomi-Oiltools, which was estimated at 135,000 tonnes over the following five years.

Graphene Nanochem started trading in the UK's AIM stock exchange (ticker: GRPH) in March 2013 following a £32.5 ($50 million) fund raising. In 2016 the group faced financial difficulties and started a restructuring process. In early 2018 it announced it will remove its shares from the AIM. The company had plans to acquired modular construction company CG TekBuild and IPO again, but it seems as if the company is no longer in business.

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The latest Graphene Nanochem graphene news:

Graphene Nanochem restructures its debt, to sell non-core businesses

Graphene Nanochem agreed to restructure its debt with its Malaysian lenders - and as part of the deal Nanochem will sell its non-core business and exit from low-margin operations.

Graphene Nanochem has about £16 million in debt to Malaysia Debt Venture, and the maturity on that debt was pushed back from November 2015 to the end of 2012 (at an interest rate of 8%). The company will pay its remaining £12 million long-term debt by selling its fuel additive assets and palm oil refinery.

Graphene Nanochem reports their results for H1 2015, exits the fuel-additive business

Graphene Nanochem reported their financial results for the first half of 2015. Revenues were £7 million (down from £20.4 million in H1 2014) and the loss before tax was £3.7 million (a £200,000 greater loss compared to H1 2014).

NanoChem says that they anticipated the decline in revenues "in line with the overall rationalization of the business to a suite of higher margin products and offerings". Following the collapse in oil prices, Nanochem exited the capital intensive low margin fuel additives business.

Graphene Nanochem secures $390,000 order for graphene-enhanced fluids

Graphene Nanochem logoGraphene Nanochem has inked a commercial order for its graphene-enhanced PlatQuartz lubricant additive from Scomi Oiltools. The PlatQuartz products are nanofluids designed to enable high temperature and pressure performance for water-based drilling muds, improving torque and drag when drilling. 

The order is worth $390,000 and is to be deployed to an oil and gas company in India for a 3-well drilling programme. 

Graphene Nanochem reports their 2014 financial results

Graphene Nanochem reported their financial revenues for 2014, with revenues of £48.3 million - up 53% from 2013, mostly due to contracted sales to Shell and Chevron.

Operating loss for 2014 was £6.8 million (down from £10.1 million), but the company reports a gross profit of £1.6 million - despite a feedstock price anomaly for the year. Delays in the roll out of graphene-based products are to be blame for the operating loss.