MIT and Lamborghini to develop graphene-enhanced supercar

Update: MIT Professor states that these supercapacitors will NOT be graphene-based!

Lamborghini and MIT have announced a collaboration on a 3-year project to develop a graphene-enhanced supercapacitor electric vehicle. The Lamborghini-MIT partnership could, however, end up being extended as there is no target date for the car’s completion.

MIT and Lamborghini develop graphene-enhanced supercar image

The planned graphene-enhanced Terzo Millennio ("third millennium") supercar may be a real gamechanger. This concept car is to be a fully electric, supercapacitor-powered automobile that can be charged in minutes – with no bulky battery. It will reportedly be "covered in a sheet of graphene", but this description does not sound extremely accurate... We will have to wait for further information on this project.

Saint Jean Carbon takes part in two NSERC grants

Saint Jean Carbon has announced its participation in two Collaborative Research and Development grants from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The first grant for $274,000 (350,000 Canadian dollars) is for the continued collaborative research and development of modification and scale-up of graphene for supercapacitor applications . The Company will work with the University of Waterloo to develop the supercapacitor. The terms for the grant are divided over three years based on availability of funds. The second grant for $60,000 over two years to the University of Western Ontario is for the collaborative research and development of luminescent carbon dots for multi-applications.

Urbix launches graphene-based supercapacitors

U.S-based Urbix Resources has unveiled new high-density, low leakage graphene-based supercapacitors. According to Urbix, these supercapacitors have energy density of >75 wH/L with volumetric discharge energy density that is five times larger than average, with the lowest leakage rate in market (<1μA/day over 30 days) and operational temperatures that go from -40° C to 70°C.

Urbix launches graphene supercaps image

The supercapacitors can be customized to meet customer specifications, and can be included in other proprietary Urbix Energy Storage Systems upon request. According to Urbix, the products come in 3 form factors: 2032 (with capacitance of 2.5F), 2430 (4F capacitance) and custom (with custom capacitance).

Graphene and liquid salt to double the energy storage of supercapacitors

Researchers at the University of Waterloo managed to significantly improve supercapacitors, by combining graphene with an oily liquid salt in the supercapacitors' electrodes.

The researchers explained that the liquid salt serves as a spacer to separate the thin graphene sheets, preventing them from stacking. That dramatically increases their exposed surface area, a key to maximizing energy-storage capacity. At the same time, the liquid salt doubles as the electrolyte needed to actually store electrical charge, minimizing the size and weight of the supercapacitor.

Graphene-Info's Batteries, Supercapacitors, GO, Lighting, Displays and Graphene Investments Market Reports updated to October 2017

Today we published new versions of all our graphene market reports. Graphene-Info provides comprehensive niche graphene market reports, and our reports cover everything you need to know about these niche markets. The reports are now updated to October 2017.

Graphene batteries market report 3D cover

The Graphene Batteries Market Report:

  • The advantages using graphene batteries
  • The different ways graphene can be used in batteries
  • Various types of graphene materials
  • What's on the market today
  • Detailed specifications of some graphene-enhanced anode material
  • Personal contact details into most graphene developers

The report package provides a good introduction to the graphene battery - present and future. It includes a list of all graphene companies involved with batteries and gives detailed specifications of some graphene-enhanced anode materials and contact details into most graphene developers. Read more here!

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