GrapheneCA launches graphene-based admix for cement improvement

GrapheneCA recently introduced a new product line called Original Graphene (OG). OG Concrete Admix, aimed at the retail concrete industry, reportedly imbues cement with graphene’s superior properties to make it stronger, lighter, and more resistant.

GrapheneCA’s focus on a price-sensitive application is said to lead to taller, faster, lighter, and more durable constructions overall, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. The launch of Original Graphene Cement admix targets multiple improvements in cement from a single additive reducing cracking, improving strength and weather resistance to build structures that last.

OG Concrete Admix is one of many graphene-based applications that will have a strong impact on the construction industry. Think of how much constructions could improve if concrete structures were even more resistant and durable. Now, imagine if that could be done cost-effectively. It can cut carbon emissions tremendously, requiring less cement, that lasts longer and it is highly compatible with all water based mortar systems. That’s what we bring to the table, said David Robles, Head of Business Development at GrapheneCA.
Posted: Sep 02,2019 by Roni Peleg