Graphmatech launches new graphene-enhanced conductive processable composite material

Sweden-based startup Graphmatech announced the launch of a new graphene-enhanced composite material. The new product, called Aros Create, is made of Nylon Aros Graphene pellets with a volume resistivity of less than 1 Ωcm while maintaining polymer lightweight, flexibility, processability, and recyclability.

A pack of Graphematech's Aros Graphene Create image

The new composite may be used for extrusion, compression molding and injection molding and reportedly has unique electrical and tribological properties (low and stable coefficient of friction and high wear resistance). The potential applications are diverse, but the company's main focus is on electrical circuit components, LED, conductive coatings, additive manufacturing, EMI / RFI shielding, and charge dissipative coatings.

The Company shared that its basic invention was the graphene hybrid material Aros Graphene, which is defined by Graphmatech as "the missing link for the large-scale use of graphene because it does not agglomerate, keep the graphene stable, and readily disperse and tune into various matrices".

Graphmatech does not sell the Aros Graphene itself, but has decided to it in the next step of the value chain and to sell composites of plastics, metals or additives for energy storage applications.

The Company reported that it has already received a major order from AddNorth, which will soon prepare for the market launch of conductive polymer-based filaments for 3D printing.

The expansion of production was realized with partners, but from 1 September 2019 Graphmatech will be leasing its own 1350 m² production facility in Uppsala, Sweden.

A pack of 1 kg conductive nylon pellets Aros Create can be ordered from the Graphmatech webshop. While larger orders should be requested.

Posted: Jul 23,2019 by Roni Peleg