Hanwha to fund XG Sciences Graphene-Nanoplatelets research with 1$ million

XG Sciences logoKorean-based Hanwha group has agreed to give 1$ million in funding to XG Sciences, a Michigan State University spinoff working on Graphene Nanoplatelets. The key to the material's capabilities is a fast and inexpensive process for separating layers of graphene into stacks less than 10 nanometers in thickness but with lateral dimensions anywhere from 100 nm to several microns, coupled with the ability to tailor the particle surface chemistry to make it compatible with water, resin or plastic systems.

Adding xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets to polymers at low concentrations results in nanocomposites that are multifunctional in that they possess an array of enhanced properties—including improved strength and significantly increased electrical and thermal conductivity—leading to new and expanded applications.

Posted: Jul 13,2010 by Ron Mertens