Haydale announces iCraft Order, global exclusivity contract and £3 Million fundraise

Haydale has announced that, following the announcement on March 2020 regarding its graphene nano-platelets having been incorporated into iCraft’s cosmetic face mask sheet, a contract is now in place for 1 metric tonne of graphene nano-platelets (GNP-02-STD) in the first year, 2 metric tonnes in the second year, and three metric tonnes in the third year. This is an exclusive agreement for the mask application within the APAC region, excluding Thailand.

Haydale has signed a worldwide exclusivity contract to supply functionalized graphene nano-platelets for use in these sheet masks that are face-shaped sheet fabrics which utilize the thermal and electrical conductivity of graphene to help the skin absorb its contents through bioelectric currents. In addition, Haydale said it has completed a GBP3.0 million equity raise.

iCraft, based in South Korea, is a global technology company with interests in security and network solutions as well as the health and beauty sector. Following intense research and rigorous testing, iCraft reported zero harmful substances for graphene-based products, and has applied for three related patents.

Derek Yoon, iCraft, General Manager, said: We value our relationship with Haydale. Through a steady relationship for more than a year, Graphene products have been successfully launched in the Korean market. Currently, our Graphene cosmetic face mask is being supplied to a famous domestic cosmetic company. Our Graphene sheet mask is also known as Korean cosmetics are popular abroad, especially in Asia cosmetic market. As sales volume is expected to increase steadily in the future, the partnership with Haydale will be more important. We look forward to Haydale and iCRAFT growing together.

Keith Broadbent, Haydale CEO, said: We are pleased to see the contract with iCraft develop, with further materials being used in the health and beauty sector. Through this exclusivity contract, we expect to see these cosmetic face mask sheets commercialize globally.

Posted: Sep 09,2020 by Roni Peleg