Haydale logoHaydale has received £350,000 in research grants from the government, to accelerate the development of new products enhanced by the incorporation of functionalized graphene and other nanomaterials.

The grants are for five project areas:

  1. The development of electrically conductive graphene-enhanced adhesives for aircraft structures.
  2. The development of multi-functional graphene-enhanced composite materials that are not only capable of detecting the build-up of ice on structures, such as aircraft leading edges and wings, but can then be thermally activated in order to prevent ice build-up.
  3. The development of graphene reinforced polyolefin materials for lightweight extruded products such as filaments for nets and filtration.
  4. The development of graphene-enhanced epoxy resins with improved durability, wear resistance and thermal cycling performance.
  5. The development of graphene-enhanced carbon-carbon composites materials for use in high-performance brake systems.

The first project is expected to start this month while the remainder are scheduled to commence in April. Haydale will be collaborating with leading global organizations across the aerospace, automotive, rail and marine markets and these projects will enable Haydale to expand its technical team and capabilities in these areas.

Ray Gibbs, chief executive officer of Haydale, said he was pleased the British government recognizes the potential that graphene and other nanomaterials offer.



Inadequate advertising

Haydale has a problem with their website and their subsidiaries websites. They dont tell prospective customers the percentage composition of their HPLAS graphene products. Its a source of their commercial failure.