Haydale logoHaydale Graphene Industries Plc is the holding company for Haydale Limited, Haydale Composite Solutions Limited and Haydale Technologies (Korea) Co., Limited.

Haydale Limited, housed in a purpose built facility for processing and handling nano-materials with an R&D laboratory, is facilitating the application of graphenes and other nano-materials in fields such as inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings. Haydale has developed a patented proprietary scalable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nanomaterials.

Haydale Composite Solutions Limited (HCS) specialises in the design, development and commercialisation of advanced polymer composite materials on a global basis.

Haydale Technologies (Korea) Co., Ltd, is located in Seoul. This is currently a sales and marketing office managing companies Haydale are working with and who are sampling Haydale functionalised materials.

Haydale supplies graphene enhanced materials direct to customers and through their marketing and distribution partners InVentures (USA) and planarTECH (Far East). R&D materials are available through INSCX and the specialist web based supplier, Goodfellow.

Company Address

Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre
SA18 3BL
United Kingdom

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The latest Haydale graphene news:

Haydale reports its financial results for H1 FY2023

UK-based graphene developer Haydale announced its unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 December 2022 (H1 FY2023). Revenues were £1.78 million (up 50% from H1 FY2022), and operating loss was £1.89 million (up from £1.75 million in 2022). At the end of the year, Haydale had £2.97 million, following a successful fund raise of  £5.14 million in September 2022.

The updates that it is starting to sell its biomedical inks in Europe, with advanced trials being conducted by several parties which include electronic blood glucose reader compatibility tests. 

Read the full story Posted: Mar 02,2023

Haydale supplies graphene materials for audio equipment by Rega Research

Haydale has announced it has supplied audio equipment manufacturer Rega Research ("Rega") with its mechanically enhanced prepreg for improved sound quality on its latest turntable.

Using Haydale's HDPlas technology, the graphene-enhanced prepreg has been applied into the manufacturing process for Rega's award-winning turntables. The mechanically enhanced prepreg has been combined into the stressed skin design of the plinth and bonded to the core material to increase the stiffness of the part by 11% reducing resonance and improving sound quality.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 21,2023

Haydale receives $312,930 Innovate UK grant

Haydale Graphene Industries has been awarded GBP258,547 (around USD$312,930) of funding by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency.

Haydale will use the funding to develop imaging techniques to characterize 2D materials, including graphene, to improve the compatibility and material selection processes. The Company explained that current methods for characterizing 2D materials for use in application are "time consuming." It noted that the program will have access to graphene in every format from raw material to finished product to develop new techniques not used before to image a range of nanomaterials.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 15,2023

Norse launches strong, light Kayaks based on Haydale's graphene materials

Haydale has announced that its bespoke mechanical graphene masterbatch has been used to create stronger and lighter composite sea kayaks for Norwegian paddle sport brand Norse Kayaks ("Norse").

Using the new graphene-enhanced material has reportedly made the Norse kayak 30% lighter, going from 23kg to 16kg, making the composite kayak easier to load and transport. The use of graphene in the vacuum infusion composite layup process has also increased both impact strength and stiffness, improving the resistance to breakage in critical areas of the kayak. Vibration dampening has also improved the user experience.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 07,2023

Haydale launches graphene-enhanced prepreg that extends tool life over 100%

Haydale has launched its graphene-enhanced prepreg after extended field trials more than doubled the manufacture of composite parts.

Using Haydale's HDPlas technology, functionalized graphene is added to high performing tooling epoxy resin and then pre-impregnated onto a suitable carbon fiber reinforcement for use in tool manufacture. The graphene-enhanced epoxy prepreg tooling material is designed to deliver cost-efficient composite tooling with extended tooling life, improved surface quality and enhanced thermal conductivity.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 20,2022

Haydale reports on financial results for 2022

Haydale Graphene Industries has reported a widened pretax loss for the fiscal year of 2022, reflecting increased costs for sales, marketing, quality and production capability. Haydale's reported pretax loss was of GBP5.2 million ($5.9 million) for the year ended June 30, compared with a loss of GBP3.8 million (around $4.3 million) a year ago.

The Company's revenue totaled at GBP2.9 million ($3.3 million). This represents a robust performance given that fiscal 2021 revenue was mainly boosted by a pull forward of GBP1.2 million ($1.35 million) silicon carbide and a GBP400,000 ($451,000) one-time reactor sale, it added.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 06,2022

Haydale and Atomi collaborate on graphene-enhanced 'smart' concrete

Haydale and Atomi have announced they will be working together on a project aimed at developing high-performance, intelligent concrete. Using graphene and adding sensor technology, the next generation of strengthened concrete reportedly has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30% while offering performance indicators during its lifetime thanks to intelligent sensors capable of capturing real-time data.

Graphene-enhanced concrete is a relatively new development but has been gaining traction and is already being tested around the world, including in several construction projects in the UK. To learn more about graphene-enhanced construction materials, don't miss Graphene-Info's new report

Read the full story Posted: Sep 27,2022

Haydale supplies graphene to NeoEnpla for use in food packaging

Haydale has started to supply South Korean plastics developer NeoEnpla with functionalized graphene nano-platelets (GNPs) for use in food packaging. Functionalized using Haydale's patented HDPlas® technology, the GNP-enhanced thermoplastic has been used to manufacture an initial sample range of food storage zipper bags and biodegradable plastic bags.

LLDPE and LDPE (low density polyethylene) are widely used in food packaging and are ideal for food storage due to their high resistance to moisture, tearing and chemicals. The graphene-enhanced zipper bags have reportedly shown an increase in tensile strength of 31% compared to non-graphene LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) zipper bags. In addition, the increased mechanical strength of the graphene zipper bags allows light weighting of the plastic, reducing the film thickness from 90µm to 60µm per bag.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 07,2022

Haydale to raise around 5 million GBP in a new public share offering

UK-based graphene developer Haydale announced that it is set to raise around £5.00 million in a new public offering, and will also offer existing shareholders to subscribe to more shares to raises approximately £0.51 million. The new offering is done at a share price of 2 pence (well below Haydale's share price a few days ago).

The new funds will be used for general working capital needs of the business.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 24,2022

Haydale and Vittoria to collaborate on graphene innovation and supply

Haydale has announced that it has started collaborating on the innovation and the supply of graphene with Vittoria and has received its first order for one tonne of functionalized graphene nanomaterial.

Vittoria is a leading manufacturer of performance bicycle tires and has since 2015 pioneered the application of graphene in the rubber of bicycle tires. The functionalized nanomaterial has been proven to create substantial improvements in grip, rolling resistance, puncture resistance and durability.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 10,2022