Article last updated on: Aug 01, 2022



The early years

  • 2005 - Researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Columbia demonstrated that quasiparticles in graphene were massless Dirac fermions
  • 2004 - Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester develop a simple method of isolating graphene from graphite
  • 2002 - Nanotek Instruments files a patent for the production of single layer graphene
  • 1962 - Hanns Peter Boehm, working on single-layer carbon foils, coins the term graphene
  • 1948 - G. Reuss and F. Vogt publish the first TEM images of a few-layer graphene
  • 1918 - V. Kohlschutter and P. Haenni describe the properties of graphite oxide paper
  • 1859 - D.C. Brodie discovers the highly lamellar structure of thermally reduced graphite oxide