IDtechEx predicts that the graphene market will reach nearly $220 million by 2026

IDTechEx Research recently released a report that projects that the graphene market will grow to $220 million in 2026, a 10% growth from their former report that predicted that the graphene market will reach nearly $200 million by 2026. This forecast is at the material level and does not count the value of graphene-enabled products.

According to IDTechEx, a continual decline in average sales prices will accompany the revenue growth, meaning that volume sales will reach nearly 3.8 k tonnes per year in 2026. Despite this, IDTechEx forecasts suggest that the industry will remain in a state of over-capacity until 2021 beyond which time new capacity will need to be installed. Furthermore, IDTechEx Research forecasts that nearly 90% of the market value will go to graphene platelets (vs. sheets) in 2026.

The market will be segmented across many applications, reflecting the diverse properties of graphene. In general, we expect functional inks and coatings to reach the market earlier. IDTechEx Research projects that the market for functional inks and coatings will make up 21% of the market by 2018. Ultimately however, energy storage and composites will grow to be the largest sectors, controlling 25% and 40% of the market in 2026, respectively.

Posted: Mar 14,2016 by Roni Peleg