China's Nanjing JCNano developed a new one-step-transfer graphene. The company reports that these new films are easy to use and they avoid any glue etching cleaning steps. The new films can be clipped freely and can be used conveniently.

In the (somewhat relaxed) video above, you can see how the new graphene film is transferred. Water is dropped on one side, and then when placed in water, the graphene just floats away.

JCNano offers several sized sheets. Three high-purity (>90%) films that feature resistance of 500 to 800 ohms:

  • 1x1 cm, $56
  • 2x2 cm, $150
  • 5x5 cm, $467

And also three sheets with lower purity (85%) and higher resistance (1000-2000 ohms):

  • 1x1 cm, $28
  • 2x2 cm, $75
  • 5x5 cm, $233.5

Source: JCNano

Disclosure: Nanjing JCNano is a graphene-info sponsor