Nanotek awarded $1 million to commercialize graphene based electrodes for super capacitors

Nanotek Instruments was awarded $1 million by the Ohio Third Frontier Commission to accelerate the commercialization of its nano graphene platelets-based electrode materials for next generation supercapacitors. This is a joint project by Nanotek and its manufacturing company Angstron Materials.

Nanotek says that their NGP material has solved the low energy density problem by demonstrating an energy density that exceeds that of commercially available supercapacitors and is comparable with nickel metal hydride batteries.

Nanotek will launch a supercapacitor prototyping facility in Dayton, Ohio as the first step toward commercialization. Angstron will establish a pilot-scale production line for the manufacture of supercapacitor-grade NGPs. A sub-contractor will evaluate the performance and commercial advantages of the graphene-enabled supercapacitors. Funds will be used to purchase equipment for small-scale production and fabrication of electrodes material. The project scope will also include evaluation of the supercapacitors by potential customers, partners and investors as well as filing of international patent applications.

Posted: Jun 07,2011 by Ron Mertens