NanoXplore enters agreement to Supply Techmer PM with GrapheneBlack™

NanoXplore has announced that it has entered into a multiyear agreement to supply GrapheneBlack™ grade of products to Techmer PM, a large U.S-based plastic compounder specializing in modifying and fine-tuning the properties of technical polymers. Techmer PM will market its graphene-enhanced plastic compounds to a variety of industries in a number of diverse end uses and applications.

Techmer PM’s aim is to provide the highest performance properties possible across a wide spectrum of compounds and end products.

Michael A. McHenry, Chief Executive Officer of Techmer PM, commented: We are a materials design company using leading-edge technologies to design customer and market-focused solutions. The long-term agreement with NanoXplore complements our approach, which is to customize solutions to maximize performance through collaborations and the leveraging of leading-edge technology.

Soroush Nazarpour, President and Chief Executive Officer of NanoXplore, commented: This agreement is particularly exciting, as it allows us to further emphasize the value of graphene and enhance the profile of our GrapheneBlack™ brand. It also fosters collaboration with a leader in the U.S. market and furthers our efforts to expand the use of graphene.

Posted: Jun 19,2021 by Roni Peleg