SaltX Technology, a Swedish company that develops and sells a technology with which energy can be stored in salt and recovered in the form of heat or cold, has entered into definitive agreements with a graphene company in order to use graphene in its SaltX product.

The idea is to take advantage of graphene's heat conductivity to enhance the performance of the SaltX material by up to five times. The collaboration project starts immediately and is expected to deliver the first batches of graphene material already next year.

SaltX has been conducting a graphene development project, co-funded by Vinnova, since 2016. The project runs until April 2018 in close collaboration with Chalmers Industriteknik, who is also in charge of the Swedish innovation program ”SIO Grafen”.

"This deal is important since it secures critical know-how and capacity for the manufacturing of graphene, which we will use in the next generation SaltX-material for potentially all of our applications. The company is globally competitive in terms of a cost efficient and scalable graphene production” says Karl Bohman, CEO of SaltX Technology.