South Korean researchers develop a graphene device controlled by static electricity

A research team from the South Korean Sungkyunkwan University has developed a technology that can control graphene electronic device through static electricity. The team has developed a gate that utilizes the graphene electrostatic phenomenon; Static electricity that occurs from friction is trapped inside of a lower board and serves as a gate. Unlike current materials, formation, modification, and elimination are said to be possible with this technology.

The team aims to make the process that forms a gate which will control current from an electronic device unnecessary. As a result, integration with high density should be possible and it is expected that this technology will reduce cost and time to manufacture electronic devices.

We have overcome limitations of 2D materials by utilizing static electricity. said the team. This technology can be applied to memory devices with ultra-high capacities, graphene transparent electrodes, and electrodes within semiconductor devices.

Posted: Jul 18,2017 by Ron Mertens