Sparc Technologies announces commissioning of graphene additive production facility

Sparc Technologies has announced the commissioning of Sparc's ecosparc commercial production facility. The state of the art facility aims to enable Sparc to produce commercial quantities of the graphene additive product, ecosparc®. Target markets include the global coatings industry, composites and other graphene additive applications.

The new production facility will enable Sparc to provide commercial quantities of graphene additive product for trials with global coatings companies. The Company is currently undertaking evaluations with potential global end users with results from these evaluations expected in Q3 and Q4 CY23 respectively. In parallel, the company is pursuing opportunities to target Australian coatings companies that are looking to enhance the anti-corrosive and environmental performance of their products, with the addition of ecosparc.


The additive can also be incorporated into composites and other bulk materials to improve environmental outcomes. Sparc is also engaged with product trials for global and domestic companies in these markets.

Sparc Technologies Executive Chairman, Stephen Hunt commented: “Sparc is delighted to be in the strong position whereby it is now able to produce ecosparc product in commercial grades and quantities, which enables us to provide product for global coatings and composites companies, as well as for the domestic market. This is very significant as it is an important step on the path to commercialization.”

Posted: Apr 01,2023 by Roni Peleg