Sparc Technologies reports progress with new manufacturing facility for graphene-based additives

Sparc Technologies has progressed construction of a modular and scalable manufacturing facility to produce graphene-based additives with commissioning expected in Q1 CY23.

The facility will enable the production of commercial quantities of graphene-based additives for the growing global coatings and composites markets, according to the Company's investor update.

Sparc said the factory, being built in Adelaide, could accommodate large scale manufacturing to meet customer demand.

Sparc also said that research and development work was ongoing at the University of Adelaide with the development of new and improved solar reactor designs and testing under a range of simulated solar conditions.

The company is testing the feasibility of its technology that produces green hydrogen through the use of a thermo-photocatalyst and solar radiation, avoiding more traditional and costly electrolysis.

Sparc said a planned pilot plant would be designed to incorporate linear Fresnel solar concentrators with a solar reactor to facilitate increased photocatalytic hydrogen production.

Posted: Feb 01,2023 by Roni Peleg