Strategic Energy Resources logoStrategic Energy Resources (SER) is an Australian based explorer with a diversified portfolio of mineral assets. The company is exploring and developing land with prospective large discoveries in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

In May 2014 SER announced it is resolved to focus on graphene related investments to move the company forward. SER holds 20% in Ionic Industries (which was spun-off from SER in 2015), and the company also holds a stake in Valence Industries.

SER is a public company trading in the Australian stock exchange (ASX: SER).

Company Address: 
100 Albert Road
South Melbourne VIC 3205

The latest SER graphene news:

SER and Monash University to develop a bench-scale facility for graphene production

Strategic Energy Resources (SER)Strategic Energy Resources logo signed a jointly-funded research agreement with Monash Universtiy to develop a bench-scale facility for graphene production. Monash and Graphitech (SER's wholly owned subsidiary) will fund this project, with Monash contributing $100,000.

SER expects that they will start the setup in November 2014, and it will take about 3 months to fully set-up and test it. Graphitech will retain ownership of the facility, with Monash responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. Initial batches of graphene production will be in the range of 1 kilogram to 2 kilogram per day.

SER and Monash University awarded an ARC grant to develop nanofiltration membranes

Strategic Energy Resources logoLast month Australia's Strategic Energy Resources (SER) announced that it will focus on graphene-related investments, disclosing that it has an alliance with Monash University and an exclusive license agreement on the energy storage graphene technologies.

Today it was announced that SER and Monash University have been awarded a second ARC Linkage Grant for graphene-based research. The three-year project will cost $375,000 (probably AUD, which translates to $350,000 USD). The ARC will fund $255,000 and the rest will be funded by SER. The project (titled “Green Manufacturing of Graphene from Indigenous Natural Graphite and Graphene-based Nanofiltration Membranes”) aims to establish a green chemical route for transforming graphites fines into graphene.

Strategic Energy Resources to focus on graphene investments

Strategic Energy Resources logoAustralia's Strategic Energy Resources (SER) announced that the company resolved to focus on graphene-related investments. SER already have an alliance with Monash University and an exclusive license agreement with the University on the energy storage graphene technologies. Using Monash's technology, SER formed a new company called Graphitech to handle all commercial and IP activities resulting from Monash's technology.

SER also holds a stage in Valence Industries, a public Australian Graphite company that is also involved with graphene research, together with the University of Adelaide.