First Graphene launches PureGRAPH product range

First Graphene has announces the release of its PureGRAP graphene products. Over the last five months FGR’s management has worked with various universities and on its own production processes to ensure it could consistently produce a suitable range of products.

The initial product includes PureGRAPH graphene products with lateral sizes of 20µm, 10µm and 5µm. Further size options are planned to be added later. FGR says that due to its unique process it is able to produce graphene with larger lateral sheet sizes if a customer should have a particular application.

First Graphene enters agreement to supply graphene to FlexeGRAPH for advanced cooling products

First Graphene logo imageFlexeGRAPH logoFirst Graphene has announced a collaboration agreement with FlexeGRAPH to supply graphene for suitability testing in their products. FlexeGRAPH is developing advanced coolant technology using graphene-enhanced heat transfer fluids.

The nanofluid coolant technologyis said by the Company to represent a breakthrough in liquid coolants, establishing a new standard and showing up to 60% improvements in thermal conductivity over current competitors.

First Graphene to work with newGen on graphene-enhanced products for the mining services industry

First Graphene logo imageFirst Graphene has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with newGen Group (WA-based mining industry supplier, providing liners for the leading iron ore producers, including BHP, RIO and Fortescue) for the development of graphene-enhanced products (primarily polyurethane liners) for the mining services industry.

Having established its graphene production facility at Henderson, FGR’s primary focus now is working with a number of manufacturers in a range of industries to demonstrate the benefits that graphene can offer to their product ranges. The newly entered agreement involves adding graphene to polyurethane liners and ground engaging tools used in the mining industry. The Project Equipment used in the mining industry is frequently modified with the installation of polyurethane liners to protect them from excessive abrasion, and these liners need to be replaced at regular intervals.

First Graphene and Flinders University form a new company to commercialize VFD technology

First Graphene logo imageFirst Graphene is collaborating with Flinders University to launch 2D Fluidics - a company that will aim to commercialize the Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD). 2D Fluidics is 50% owned by FGR and 50% by Flinders University’s newly named Flinders Institute for NanoScale Science and Technology.

The VFD was invented by the Flinders Institute for NanoScale Science and Technology’s Professor Colin Raston and enables new approaches to producing a wide range of materials such as graphene and sliced carbon nanotubes. The key intellectual property used by 2D Fluidics comprises two patents around the production of carbon nanomaterials, assigned by Flinders University.

First Graphene signs MoU with Engage Marine to develop graphene-enhanced coatings

First Graphene Limited has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Engage Marine for the development of graphene-enhanced coatings and ropes for the marine industry. The Company and Engage Marine will work to commercialize the project outcomes with other global marine organizations.

FGR to collaborate with Engage Marine on graphene-enhanced coatings image

Following FGR's commissioning of its Henderson Commercial Graphene Facility, it has been involved with a number of industries that could benefit from the addition of graphene to existing product ranges. Research work has shown graphene can provide significant benefits to the maritime industry in a number of applications. The most obvious application is in anti-fouling paints and coatings, which promise benefits from improved performance and longer life between reapplications; every five years instead of the three-year standard now prevalent.

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